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For transported items, we use air bubble film and special labels. If your frame broke during delivery, we will replace it for free.

Manufacture and delivery terms

Frames from white and black moldings are made in 1 day.  Making frames from custom moldings takes 2 to 4 days.


Express delivery in Russia. For exact delivery times, please go to http://www.edostavka.ru/calculator.html

To pick up your item from a warehouse in your city (390 rub) within 4-8 days, please go to  http://www.edostavka.ru/contacts.html

Courier delivery in Moscow within 2-4 days

Express delivery in Moscow within 24 hours


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To create a word with a heart, enter * in the place where the heart is supposed to be. For example, Olya*Pasha OR l*ve.  Upon clicking on CREATE WORD, you’ll see your picture with a heart in place of *. To see another photo, click on the existing one and select the one you like in the popup window.

To be able to upload your photo letter, you need to have an account with Lovislova. Then you need to create a word with your letter in it, click on Change Photo, open My Photos category and select your uploaded  letter. 

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