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  For gift shops

If you own a shop located in a busy area or are involved with creative people and designers, write to us. We have an amazing idea on how to boost your conversion rates. 

Your photos need to be: rectangular, vertically oriented, with resolution of at least 300 dpi. A letter needs to be legible, sit on contrast background (dark-colored letter on light-colored background, or vice versa) and take up 70% of a photo.

We’re looking forward to your previews sent to business (пес)lovislova.ru

Learn to see words and letters in buildings, design, nature, and interiors!



If you liked our business idea and you want to develop it, you can become our franchise partner in your local region.

What we offer you:

  • sound and profitable business;
  • materials and equipment at wholesale;
  • advertising, orders, and established client base;
  • ssistance and training.


  For frame moulding workshops

  • we will share our customers with you;
  • you will create beautiful products that are sure to attract people from all over place;
  • flexible earnings on each sale.


For further details, please submit more information on your shop (offer) and target audience to business(пес)lovislova.ru.


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